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Easy Melt Welding Rods


The Simplest Way To Weld Aluminium Parts

These incredible easy melt welding rods make your welding tasks easy peasy. You do not require any expensive equipment. All you need is just a propane torch and this "easy melt welding rod".



  • The rods have an extremely high resistance to corrosion and a little to no defamation on the base metal. 
  • No need for flux, they are quite convenient to use. 
  • The electrodes form a good join that is stronger than the base metal and allows thin or thick parts to be joined together. 
  • The rods are recommended for welding or blazing aluminium alloys and casting alloys. 
  • They are suitable for truck beds, loading ramps, docks, diamond plates, irrigation piping, engine blocks, transmission housing among others. 

The rods can seal even huge holes on metals without the need of adding patches. Check this example below. 

The rods have also been subjected to various durability tests as well as how strong they can hold. The results are just incredible. 


How to properly weld with these rods

  1. Thoroughly clean the area you’re about to weld by brushing the base with stainless steel brush until it becomes shiny. Then evenly heat the area to be welded.
  2. As you heat, rub the rod vigorously against the heated area until the rod starts flowing.
  3. Please Note: Never apply heat directly to the rod as it will crumb, and if you manage to melt the rod directly, the weld will be easily breakable. Remember, melting the rod directly is a wrong way, and makes crumby welds.



  • Material: Aluminum-magnesium
  • Melting temperature: < 896°F (480°C)
  • Application: Aluminum and aluminum alloy welding/brazing
  • No emitting of gases or toxins, No Lead content included.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Minimize parent material distortion during welding.
  • Length: 19 inches.